About Banker Shoes Ltd.

Banker Shoes Ltd specialises in genuine leather shoes like injection safety shoes and classic shoes. Banker Shoes was established in 1983 and has a long proven track record.

Banker Shoes Ltd is recognised locally for its products of excellent quality and workmanship.

Customers from various industries trust us for our innovative products, design, quality and solid marketing. We also provide the necessary service and support.

Banker Shoes Ltd adopts good ethical business practices which cater for satisfaction and exact expectations of our clients locally and regionally.

Our Aim is to provide an in-stock next day delivery for the benefits of our clientele. Our factory has a surface area of 2000 m²) and a production capacity of over 240,000 pairs of shoes per year. Our guarantee is that our shoes are manufactured with respect to international stringent quality control and standards.

The Craft

Each of our fine leather shoes is meticulously hand-crafted using the highest quality materials.